about llyn strong

thirty-five years in the making

a celebration
of artistry and light

As much as we love Greenville, our cool little city has quite a history. In 1786, Greenville County was established by Richard Pearis (which sparked the name for Paris Mountain) and as for Greenville’s name, well, naturally you could certainly understand it is based on the stunning natural surroundings that flourished along the mountains and the summer fields, but instead, it was named after Nathaniel Greene, a Southern commander. The county changed in the 1850s when Greenville emerged as a center of higher education with Furman University making its debut downtown in 1852. This became the stepping stone to a new beginning of the Greenville, South Carolina.

By 1976, llyn strong opened up her home studio and started to create a unique collection of fine art jewelry. With her 35 years of experience in jewelry design, she moved to created her own trademark of fine jewelry in the Southeast. llyn then established her first store in 1986 in Downtown Greenville where Halls Chophouse is located now. Soon she captured a lot of recognition with her jewelry design that sparked a sense of art in the heart of Downtown Greenville.

Greenville became the home for llyn strong through those years till llyn decided to move her studio to a better location in 1989 across from the Hyatt. Being on Greenville’s Main Street, llyn strong’s studio stood out the most with its stunning fine art jewelry. Her store and studio began to grow, and she knew it was time to search for a much larger location. 1992 is where llyn strong is currently established in Downtown Greenville where she and her team of artists create custom fine pieces of jewelry. Unlike most jewelry stores in the area, llyn strong creates personalized custom jewelry that became magnificent pieces of wearable art for her customers.

Distinctive. Unique. Expressive. Just like the ones who wear it.


llyn strong’s signature look meets ultimate versatility in modullyn™, where the flexibility

of mix-and-match meets the brilliance of fine materials and award-winning craftsmanship.

design philosophy

There is something magical about the act of creation: by making things, we both understand and express ourselves. My work embraces materials, techniques, and traditions of both the ancient and the recent past, but explores forms and uses relevant to the present and the future. The primary materials include, 18k white, yellow, and rose gold, sterling silver, high-quality colored gemstones, diamonds, and occasionally found objects. I usually find my initial inspiration in gemstones and design by sketching. Aside from some hand-fabricated work, I create most of my pieces using a CAD program and 3D wax printer and then proceed to cast and set stones. I always aspire to create art which enriches the appearance and reciprocal understanding.


A piece of strongLIFE™ jewelry includes all of your life’s most precious details,

resulting in an heirloom of enormous personal significance.

The Angel Collection

Each angel pendant/brooch is the definition of wearable art, featuring exquisite materials,

one of a kind design, and detachable wings that can be worn as earrings.

making a statement doesn't require words


Notably adept as an artist and jeweler, llyn strong is able to create unique, exclusive and personal jewelry for her clients. Each piece is handmade and showcases the wearer's individuality.

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what our customers are raving about

I went on a travel adventure to Thailand and brought back a star sapphire and 8 silver sapphires. I wanted them to be set in a ring which would forever capture the beauty and magic of Thailand. I wanted it to look like a temple and vintage. Llyn Strong heard my dream and made it a reality.

Joy M.

what our customers are raving about

Over the years my husband and llyn have worked together on a number of beautiful pieces of jewelry—my grandchildren’s birthstones necklace, modullyn earrings with my Mom's diamonds, and our 3-children ring to name a few!!!!

Debbie F.

what our customers are raving about

Our custom designed rings were inspired by Van Gogh’s starry night. This is a painting that holds great memories for us both. The great thing is when you put my two bands together they have the same design as my wife Dee’s band. These rings will always be special to us because we designed them alongside lyn strong, and they celebrate our commitment to each other.

Brook W.

what our customers are raving about

My rings bring me great joy. When I wear them, I feel like a queen with her jewels. Special. My first ring was purchased to celebrate my retirement 13 years ago. My favorite is the Black Diamond halo ring.

Cynthia L.

what our customers are raving about

My llyn strong 18kt rose gold wedding band, purple sapphire engagement ring and peach sapphire rose gold & reversible white gold earrings are my most treasured earthly possessions. These custom made heirloom pieces remind me that I am one of a kind.

Crystal C.

what our customers are raving about

It has been interesting to learn about gems.

Lil Glenn

what our customers are raving about

The Gemstone Roundtable was awesome, so much fun!

Betty Edwards

what our customers are raving about

We picked out an engagement ring in twenty minutes. It was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done, which completely surprised me. I figured it would take a long time to find the perfect ring.

John Breaux

what our customers are raving about

I was so pleased with the custom ring that llyn strong designed for me. It was beautiful and was exactly the custom designed jewelry I was looking for! Thank you!

Janice C.